Founder and CEO

Dr Crystal A. Variava is a reputed Doctor from the US who has now been living in Mumbai with her Family for the past 6 years.  She had received her Doctorate in Audiology From the University of Pittsburgh with Honorary Distinction in Clinical, Academic and Research Science.  A great mark in her life was when she was awarded under the President Barack Obama Administration for her Excellence in Patient-Centered Care Serving in one of America’s Elite HealthCare Facilities.  

Dr. Crystal then moved to mumbai in 2014 where she would take on the role as Director of the Professional and Strategic Arm of Sonova.  She had the opportunity work closely with Providers, study their practices, understand their challenges and create Professional Programs which would drive Commercial Sales.  The Corporate Sector gave her a push to lean deeper into science to form a bridge in order to convert Professional Practices to Tangible Business Outcomes.  Her work did not remain only in India as she started focusing on Developing Markets as well as mobilizing a Global Pediatric Program.

The studies of trends of healthcare persuaded her to resign and create a Company focused on helping India navigate and transition through this dynamic healthcare period. However, she also knew where she lacked, thus went back to the US to pursue Business Studies at Harvard, became an Executive Coach through ICF and completed extensive studies in Behavioural Change Therapy, Persuasion Psychology, Consumer Psychology to name a few. 

She is an International speaker and educator who thrives on creating impact. Dr. Crystals states that her passion to continuously re-package Evidence Based Best Practices into Practical Application  is the True & Trusted Formula to develope a Professional Brand & drive Business Success and this is what she intends to do.

Learning and Development Manager

Yazad Master has obtained his MBA degree in Human Resource Management specializing n Training and Development.  He has had a breadth of experience in various industries and truly understands the role of trust and the leverage it can bring in any form of business.

Yazad has worked with International Companies such as Serco Global Services, and Mercedes-Benz.  He has served clients from 4 continents and worked on the front-line as Customer Service and Sales Executives honing his skills to become a Trainer where he flourished. He joins T&T from the Investment Industry where he was in charge of Customer Acquisitions.  

His experience has cultivated his ability to understand ethical persuasion through skills which ultimately builds self motivation for Clients to take action.  This approach proved to work cross cultures and cross industries and was directly reflected in his sales. 

His philosophy, education and experience adds great value to True & Trusted and we take pride in the intimate relationships he forms with each of our clients to maximize their success.