Leadership Coaching

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader”

-John Quincy Adams

At True & Trusted We Believe that One Must Lead Oneself Before they Can Effectively Lead Others

We Invest our Time in Developing Healthcare Leaders. We want Providers to Break their Barriers and Attain the Mindset and Tools to Achieve both Personal and Professional Success.

Benefits of Coaching

Become a more Effective Leader

Gain Clarity in your Purpose

Ignite Passion Into your Professional Relationships


With the experience of working with Hundreds of Providers, it is fact that breaking a set pattern of behaviour is hard both personally and professionally and takes some dedicated work.  Thus, we provide professional coaching support to ensure your success where we help you set goals, learn to identify what’s holding you back and create new systems and resources to attain that next level of life you’re aspiring for.

Dr. Crystal is a Certified American Board Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and has additionally undergone training for Wellness And Executive Coaching with the Internal Coaching Federation. 

She uses powerful tools to breakthrough limitations and skills to inspire and empower clients to become confident leaders in their personal and professional life


Providers with a Purpose

This is an 8 Week Program Designed for Busy Providers Wanting Fast Results

What You’ll experience

What you’ll receive

Providers will be supported at Each Phase along their Journey personally led by Dr. Crystal.

“Coaching isn’t therapy. Its product development with you as the product.”

Fast Company

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